Lie #7 – Expressing My Reliance on God is Just Something I Am Supposed to Say

I heard it all the time.  Everyone from the prophet in General Conference to the basketball player who makes the winning shot thanks God and expresses that they owe everything to Him.  So, I said it too. And in some ways, I believed it. I know I owe my life to God. He gave me my family, for which I am extremely grateful. But if I gave credit to God for everything, it meant that my accomplishments were not of my own doing.  And that was difficult for my pride to accept. When people complimented me on a talk I gave or a piano solo I played, it felt good, and I didn’t want to give the credit away. When I got a promotion at work, it was because of my skills and my abilities.  I could acknowledge God’s assistance, but most of the work was my own. Or so I thought. In my current situation, I am completely reliant on others, including God. I can do nothing of myself. Every temporal and spiritual need is provided by others and support from the other side of the veil.  As I was being compelled to humility, I couldn’t deny that in this difficult situation I was totally reliant on the Lord. However, the truth I have learned is that this has always been the case. My successes in life were due to attributes provided to me by God. My opportunities were due to the family I was born into.  Nothing came from me anymore then than it does now. Believing this lie led me to rely on sources other than God. It taught me to rely more on worldly sources for my support rather than spiritual. Coming to see the truth has allowed me to receive even more gifts and spiritual experiences from God. For once we acknowledge and give gratitude for the gifts we have already received, we are much more likely to be given further light.

What experiences have you had to help you realize just how much you need to rely on God? I would really love to hear from you.

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