Lie #5 – The Atonement is Important, But it is Not Something I Feel in my Life

I have given lessons and talks on the atonement, yet I had never recognized feeling it in my life.  I knew it was a necessary principle that made it so even as a sinner I could live in heaven someday.  And I believe that, and it is true. However, I did not recognize the impact it was having on my life, and I certainly didn’t realize the incredible greater impact it could have on my life if I allowed it to.  One excuse I gave to myself for not repenting was that if I acknowledged a sin, it meant more suffering for Christ, and repenting added to that suffering. However, in forming a more personal relationship with Christ, I have come to know an important truth.  Christ did not suffer because of me, He suffered for me.  

If I don’t acknowledge my sins and repent, I am not honoring His sacrifice, and I am making it so His suffering was in vain.  By opening my soul to those ideas, I have been flooded with the comfort that has been promised. As I have gone through my recent trials, I can’t imagine where I would be without the comfort that comes from His atoning sacrifice.  I have also learned that part of the reason that the atonement is so important is that its purpose is much more than just providing a way to repent of sins. The atonement’s power and reach truly are infinite.

Have you ever struggled to make the atonement more than just an abstract idea in your life? Please comment and share your ideas to make the Atonement of Jesus Christ powerful in your daily life.

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